What is Earthquake in Zipland?

 Therapy Game for Children of Divorce

Zipland interactive divorce gameEarthquake in Zipland” is the first computer therapy game dedicated to children of divorced parents or legally separated couples.

 Zipland helps kids cope with the stressful effects of divorce / separation, by providing them with a non-threatening platform for expressing their hidden feelings and asking questions.

Parenting after divorce becomes easier with Zipland, as children learn to accept their new reality that much faster.

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Earthquake in Zipland takes the child of divorce on an adventure full of colorful characters and challenging tasks, to ultimately deal with child issues relating to divorce and separation.

Along the quest, children help the game’s central character cope with various fantasy-like issues that will parallel those of his own, namely,  issues such as anger, guilt, loyalty conflicts, false hopes and other emotional effects of divorce that trouble children.

“Earthquake in Zipland” not only offers the child the opportunity to vicariously deal with separation and divorce through the main character’s eyes, but the video game also opens the way to direct dialogue, making it a valuable tool for both parents and therapists alike.

Earthquake in Zipland is:

  • A psychological edutainment product which deals with important issues surrounding children and divorce and is presented as an adventure game full of challenges and fun.
  • A tool designed to help children of divorce cope with their new reality.
  • A game that incorporates techniques and therapeutic insights from the fields of clinical psychology, family therapy, child therapy and divorce/separation therapy.
  • A high quality and exciting game created by a talented team of scriptwriters, graphic designers and musical composers.
  • A challenging game for children of divorce, ages 7-12.

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