SupportGames: A Child’s Best Interest

 Child Custody, Visitation Rights & the Child of Divorce

Place the needs of the child of divorce first! When parents with children decide to divorce, this should be the conventional wisdom. And it is. Child support courts in the U.S. issue their orders, in principle, on the basis of “the best interest” of the child.

But what is the best interest of a child of divorce? Many say good health, safety, welfare and the like, while others suggest happiness, mental health, security, emotional development, and so forth. But the truth is that each child’s best interest is unique. So, it is not surprising that child support courts render their decisions on a case-by-case basis, rather than by a common standard.

Child Custody and Visitation: Rights and Wrongs

What is more surprising, however, is how divorcing parents sometimes lose sight of what is really important. Battles over custody and visitation often revolve around money and politics. Typically, child support should cover necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, at the very least. But why should there be questions about quality-of-life expenses such as medical care, schooling and extra curricular activities? It shouldn’t matter if child support is taxable or not. And should child support really be dependent on custody and visitation? Children need the loving kindness and emotional support of both parents. Keep them off the battle ground!

Emotional needs of the Child: An Interactive Game

Mediation and co-operation, then, is the best approach when considering the best interests of children of divorce. Custody evaluations typically consider factors such as the mental / physical health of parents, religious beliefs, community adjustment and extended family issues. Yet, there is not enough emphasis being placed on the emotional needs of a child of divorce. Divorcing parents, whether jointly or separately, need to direct their efforts towards understanding their children at such times of upheaval as a divorce or legal separation.

Earthquake in Zipland is an interactive child support game that enables divorcing parents to sensitively deal with the psychological effects of divorce on children.  Play therapy video games rebuild communication between a child and his/her divorced parents.  Divorce parenting, in this fashion, enables you to flush out the real needs when determining the best interests of your child.



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