Earthquake in Zipland – for Parents

“Earthquake in Zipland” enables divorced or separated parents:

Zipland on Divorce - for parentsTo talk about painful issues surrounding children and divorce which the child is usually reluctant to express, vicariously through the main character’s eyes.

To broaden their knowledge and understanding of the psychological effects of divorce on children and the impact of the separation on their child.

To play alongside their child and nonverbally address personal family issues under non-threatening circumstances.

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Zipland on Divorce for parentsEarthquake in Zipland” enables children of divorce:

To identify with situations in the game which are parallel to the emotional situations they are struggling with in their own lives.

To distance themselves from personal experiences and approach feelings that they tend to ignore, .e.g. anger, helplessness, blame, shame, loneliness and other emotional effects of divorce on children.

To cope with both the separation and the fantasy of bringing their parents back together again.

To express painful, repressed feelings, by writing in a diary, and thus enable desensitization of the pain caused by their parents’ situation.

To enjoy hours of entertainment and intellectual challenges.