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Divorce Game for Mediation

Divorce Parenting and Child Assessment The pain of divorce, understandably, is a difficult experience for anyone. But fighting between divorcing parents should be avoided at all costs. Divorce litigation, however, can encourage conflict between family members, and it may even lead to parental alienation.  Consider, then, the effects of divorce on children – a child […]

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Divorce may be inevitable, but children with resilient personalities do well

Couples with marital problems often try to work things out, for the sake of the kids, but a recent Swiss study found the consideration for the children only delays the inevitable, according to SwissInfo. “Parents are often too busy in the initial years, when the children are still dependent,” said Fabienne Stettler, a sociologist at […]

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Do Your Kids Know How to Fight?

By Pro Bonson NewsweekMy kids get stressed out from social conflict. Each has a distinctly different style of coping. Our son’s a retreater. “We’re not friends anymore,” my son says about one of his best friends, whenever his feelings get hurt. Even with me, when he’s upset, he runs from the house and down the […]

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Child Custody Battles – How to Prepare for a Child Custody Battle

Are you involved in a child custody battle? Child custody battles for moms and dads are often times the most financially and emotionally draining part of the divorce process. Further, a child custody battle that involves litigation or a child custody evaluation can have a negative impact with lifelong consequences for the children. Parents who […]

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Custody Battles and Divorce in Military Families

Source Marriage is a wonderful state.  It can bring a sense a fulfillment, belonging, love and intimacy when both people enjoy their life together. Adding children can fully complete the picture. However, so many marriages exist with disharmony, disappointment, distress and tension.  The additional stressors involved with parenting can tip a marriage into the danger zone.  Marital difficulties […]

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Divorce May Make You Sick

Study Finds Divorced and Widowed Adults Have 20 Percent More Chronic Conditions than Married People (CBS)  Can divorce make you sick? Yes, according to a new study that finds divorce and widowhood have a lingering, detrimental impact on health — even after remarriage. The study, scheduled to be published in the September issue of the […]

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DIVORCE LEGISLATION: How to achieve ‘happily ever after’

An interesting article for parents on the importance of growingly popular courses now offered to couples who file for divorce and have minor children at home. Courses such as these help educate the couple in the hopes of avoiding divorce or at least learning to help deal with the effects of divorce on the child. […]

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Tips To Reduce Stress On Divorced Parents And Their Kids

(NAPSI)-The fact that parents are divorced should not keep special occasions such as holidays and birthdays from being joyous events–if both parents commit to shared planning, scheduling and coordination. Divorced dad Paul Volker was navigating shared custody with his ex-wife when the stress of the situation inspired him to turn to the Internet for a […]

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13 Tips for Step-Fathers

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.” -unknown If you are married to a woman with children from another relationship, you most likely experience tension and uncertainty at times. Whether or not you have biological children of your own, these feelings are […]

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Banned From Seeing Our Grandchildren After the Divorce

The divorce rate is rising and the role of grandparents has become crucial to the well-being of their grandchildren. We’re banned from seeing our grandchildren – and the pain is tearing us apart Like most grandparents, Barbara Fisher and her husband Mike revelled in the opportunity to experience childhood again through the eyes of their […]

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