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Can Families Avoid Playing Favorites?

A Dad’s Point-of-View, by Bruce Sallan This is a sad situation when it occurs, but I believe it’s incumbent on the primary parent to hold the line and retain standards of behavior and rules. (AGOURA, Calif.) – Sitting in Starbuck’s the other day, waiting for my car to be serviced, I sat next to […]

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Single Moms On Facebook And MySpace Warned About Pre-Schooler Pics Online

“Single mothers who put photos of their pre-school kids on their social networking homepages are creating a happy hunting ground for pedophiles.” The warning comes from Crystal Jacquez, managing editor of Guys and, the online back grounding site designed exclusively for women. “Single mothers almost always do it.” says, Jacquez.  “It’s not only incredibly […]

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5 Things Not to Do in a Divorce with Children – Part 1

This is the first part of a five part series on what not to do in a divorce with children, written by Michelle Engler at Be sure and tune in to over the next week when part 2-5 of this series will be posted. Studies show that divorce itself is not what damages […]

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Divorce – Will Your Children Survive?

Divorce can be extremely difficult and frankly traumatic for children. What you do and how you do it will determine how well your child deals with your divorce. has a great set of tips that any couple facing this situation should follow.  The article is presented below. Helping Kids Cope Divorce brings numerous […]

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Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Children may face no more challenging obstacle than the divorce of their parents. Even though the decline of the marriage may have been a long drawn out affair, when the end finally comes the change is abrupt and life-changing for the children involved. While a child is going through these changes, it is crucial that […]

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School Drop-Out Rates Rise for Children of Divorce, Claims Study

Keith Geren, Canwest News Service April 10, 2009 Parents thinking about getting divorced, especially for the second or third time, should consider the impact of that decision on their children’s schooling, new research from University of Alberta suggests. The groundbreaking study — believed to the first in Canada to look at the long-term impacts of […]

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New Research: Transition to Parenthood

By Scott Stanley I thought I¹d make a few comments about this study that was picked up by many media outlets last week. The study was headed up by our colleague Brian Doss at Texas A & M.  Galena Rhoades, I, and Howard Markman are co-authors. The data set is a long-term sample of couples […]

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9 Ways to Outsmart Sibling Rivalry

SOURCE: MyFoxSpringfield By Elicia Brown / Not so very long ago, my daughter’s passions included her Elmo doll, her art projects, and an unfortunate activity she referred to as “the buzz.” With her arms wrapped tightly around the wobbly form of her baby brother, she would open her mouth as wide as possible and […]

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How to Achieve ‘Happily Ever After’

An interesting article on the importance of growingly popular courses now offered to couples who file for divorce and have minor children at home. Courses such as these help educate the couple in the hopes of avoiding divorce or at least learning to help deal with the affects of divorce on the child. Classes, books and […]

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Divorce As Child Abuse

Divorcing couple face prosecution for psychological abuse Richard Owen, Rome In a case believed to be the first of its kind in Europe an Italian couple face prosecution for causing their 12-year-old child “psychological suffering” by going through an acromonious divorce in which they allegedly argued in front of him and fought for his affection. […]

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