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Divorce may be inevitable, but children with resilient personalities do well

Couples with marital problems often try to work things out, for the sake of the kids, but a recent Swiss study found the consideration for the children only delays the inevitable, according to SwissInfo. “Parents are often too busy in the initial years, when the children are still dependent,” said Fabienne Stettler, a sociologist at […]

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The Power in Choosing Love: The Deal on Remarriage and Stepfamilies

Let’s say a divorced woman with children marries a divorced guy. He has the best intentions when it comes to her children, but the kids come to her complaining about how he disciplines them. She approaches her husband and asks him to deal with them another way. She feels guilty, he feels like an outsider, […]

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13 Tips for Step-Fathers

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.” -unknown If you are married to a woman with children from another relationship, you most likely experience tension and uncertainty at times. Whether or not you have biological children of your own, these feelings are […]

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Force of Cohabit: Making or Breaking a Marriage?

By Ellen McCarthy via Washington Post It seems, to many, like the sensible thing to do: Move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, spend more time together, save money by splitting the rent and see if you can share a bathroom every morning without wanting to kill each other. But if you were Scott Stanley’s […]

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Divorce to Remarriage: Your Step by Step Guide to Step-Parenting

There are only some guide books for step families. If you are interested in remarriage after your divorce, be warned that doing so might be a great challenge. This article discusses a few of the major issues relating to divorce and remarriage. For example, step-children might show resentment and will be tough to win over. 

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