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Divorce may be inevitable, but children with resilient personalities do well

Couples with marital problems often try to work things out, for the sake of the kids, but a recent Swiss study found the consideration for the children only delays the inevitable, according to SwissInfo. “Parents are often too busy in the initial years, when the children are still dependent,” said Fabienne Stettler, a sociologist at […]

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The Power in Choosing Love: The Deal on Remarriage and Stepfamilies

Let’s say a divorced woman with children marries a divorced guy. He has the best intentions when it comes to her children, but the kids come to her complaining about how he disciplines them. She approaches her husband and asks him to deal with them another way. She feels guilty, he feels like an outsider, […]

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13 Tips for Step-Fathers

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.” -unknown If you are married to a woman with children from another relationship, you most likely experience tension and uncertainty at times. Whether or not you have biological children of your own, these feelings are […]

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Child Support: None This Month? Five Steps to Help Collect from Your Ex

You’re owed child support after a divorce, but the money isn’t coming. What can you do? This article provides instruction for collecting from a delinquent ex-spouse. Before contacting your child support attorney, first contact a tribal child support agency. Provide them with your divorce and child support details.

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Parenting After Divorce

Many divorcing parents fall in the trap of neglecting their children when divorcing. Parenting after divorce and child custody rights are essential issues. This article makes the case for joint child custody. Raising children of divorce from two households is not so simple. Issues at stake extend beyond child alimony.

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Humanistic Parenting

The behavioral approach to divorce parenting and counseling is based on the premise that children’s behaviors can be shaped through modifying the consequences in their environment. This article presents a more effective approach to divorce parenting that takes into account a child’s dignity – Humanistic Parenting. 

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How To Make Divorce Easier On Your Children

 Children of Divorce hide their true feelings when their parents divorce. The effects of divorce on children, then, often remain hidden, thereby presenting a number of problems. This article explores this matter, offering recommendations for handling emotional effects of divorce & breaking the news of divorce to children.

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Helping Your Kids Handle Divorce

Divorce counselling for children, requires heart-to-heart communication. Children of divorce experience intense pain and trauma when their parents decide to separate. The article focuses on your discussions with your children. Suggestions include using age appropriate language and reassurance. 

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Divorce with Children – From One House to Two

The switch from one household to two can be unsettling to the child of divorce. Make each house as self-sufficient as possible for your child. In this manner, child custody and visitation can be defined more simply for any divorce settlement. This article presents seven tips for converting both households into “homes”. 

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