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Divorce Game for Mediation

Divorce Parenting and Child Assessment The pain of divorce, understandably, is a difficult experience for anyone. But fighting between divorcing parents should be avoided at all costs. Divorce litigation, however, can encourage conflict between family members, and it may even lead to parental alienation.  Consider, then, the effects of divorce on children – a child […]

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SupportGames: A Child’s Best Interest

 Child Custody, Visitation Rights & the Child of Divorce Place the needs of the child of divorce first! When parents with children decide to divorce, this should be the conventional wisdom. And it is. Child support courts in the U.S. issue their orders, in principle, on the basis of “the best interest” of the child. […]

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When Parents Divorce, Children Feel The Pain

Divorce is difficult for everyone. Divorce affects the two adults involved, plus their children, but it also affects extended family. Regardless of who “wins” custody, regardless of where the children live, these kids have two sides to their family. The town I live in requires adults to take a class called “Child In The Middle” […]

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Grandparents’ Role During Divorce

Helping Grandkids Cope When Their Parents Split Your son or daughter is getting divorced. Your first or second thought has to do with those precious grandchildren. How to support them and maintain your relationship? Up until grandparents get the news their adult child’s marriage is breaking up, their role was to make the grandchildren happy, […]

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Activities For Helping Children Deal With Divorce

The following article gives several examples for activities recommended to do with your child to help him or her cope with the divorce. Playing with your child and spending quality time together is key to dealing with this transition in your child’s life, and Earthquake in Zipland is intended for just that. Going through the […]

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Parenting Practices Don’t Suffer During Divorce, According To Large Study

New research is challenging the notion that parents who divorce necessarily exhibit a diminished capacity to parent in the period following divorce. A large, longitudinal study conducted by University of Alberta sociology professor Lisa Strohschein has found that divorce does not change parenting behavior, and that there are actually more similarities than differences in parenting […]

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Custody Battles and Divorce in Military Families

Source Marriage is a wonderful state.  It can bring a sense a fulfillment, belonging, love and intimacy when both people enjoy their life together. Adding children can fully complete the picture. However, so many marriages exist with disharmony, disappointment, distress and tension.  The additional stressors involved with parenting can tip a marriage into the danger zone.  Marital difficulties […]

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Tips To Reduce Stress On Divorced Parents And Their Kids

(NAPSI)-The fact that parents are divorced should not keep special occasions such as holidays and birthdays from being joyous events–if both parents commit to shared planning, scheduling and coordination. Divorced dad Paul Volker was navigating shared custody with his ex-wife when the stress of the situation inspired him to turn to the Internet for a […]

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Divorce – Will Your Children Survive?

Divorce can be extremely difficult and frankly traumatic for children. What you do and how you do it will determine how well your child deals with your divorce. has a great set of tips that any couple facing this situation should follow.  The article is presented below. Helping Kids Cope Divorce brings numerous […]

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Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Children may face no more challenging obstacle than the divorce of their parents. Even though the decline of the marriage may have been a long drawn out affair, when the end finally comes the change is abrupt and life-changing for the children involved. While a child is going through these changes, it is crucial that […]

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