Tips To Reduce Stress On Divorced Parents And Their Kids

(NAPSI)-The fact that parents are divorced should not keep special occasions such as holidays and birthdays from being joyous events–if both parents commit to shared planning, scheduling and coordination.

Divorced dad Paul Volker was navigating shared custody with his ex-wife when the stress of the situation inspired him to turn to the Internet for a better solution to their scheduling conflicts.

When he couldn’t find a resource online for divorced parents, he launched  to help families reduce stress and manage schedules seamlessly.

The company’s mission is to make communication between divorced parents with shared or joint custody more effective and less stressful for the children. The site offers a neutral location where parents can let down their guard and ultimately do what’s best for their kids.

Top tips divorced parents can follow to help reduce the stress of shared or joint custody include:

• Have a plan and discuss it with your child. Let your kids know where they will be and with whom for upcoming events so they are prepared in advance. The site offers kids access to family information, such as shared calendars, free of charge with a family subscription.

• Keep kids out of the middle. Many divorced parents rely on their children to act as a messenger about changes to visitation schedules and other important matters. It’s the adults’ responsibility to show children they can count on their parents to provide organization, consistency and stability after divorce.

• Provide reassurance. Children of divorced parents need to feel protected and loved. It’s important to provide reassurance and comfort to kids during significant, landmark occasions, such as the holidays and birthdays. Let them know that there is a plan in place and that both parents are on board.

• Use technology to stay organized and keep the peace. Planning and scheduling through a neutral Internet site allows divorced parents to communicate with each other without the need to pick up the phone. It’s a secure and fair way for both parents to participate in the process away from the children. The site features shared family calendars, protected message boards, notifications and reminders, a family journal, information management and an expense log.

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