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Divorce may be inevitable, but children with resilient personalities do well

Couples with marital problems often try to work things out, for the sake of the kids, but a recent Swiss study found the consideration for the children only delays the inevitable, according to SwissInfo. “Parents are often too busy in the initial years, when the children are still dependent,” said Fabienne Stettler, a sociologist at […]

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Activities For Helping Children Deal With Divorce

The following article gives several examples for activities recommended to do with your child to help him or her cope with the divorce. Playing with your child and spending quality time together is key to dealing with this transition in your child’s life, and Earthquake in Zipland is intended for just that. Going through the […]

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Digital Solutions Developed to Support Divorced Families

More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and the majority of these involve children, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Conflict between parents, before and after divorce, is associated with feelings of anger, helplessness, loneliness and guilt in children. Now, an online program created by University of Missouri researchers is teaching […]

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Co-Parenting with a Litigious Ex

Question:  Ever since my ex husband got married (a year ago), he has started bringing every little item into court for litigation. In the past year alone, we have had about five court litigated issues. His lawyer represents him on a “limited scope” which means he accepts and drafts correspondence, but does not appear in […]

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Do Your Kids Know How to Fight?

By Pro Bonson NewsweekMy kids get stressed out from social conflict. Each has a distinctly different style of coping. Our son’s a retreater. “We’re not friends anymore,” my son says about one of his best friends, whenever his feelings get hurt. Even with me, when he’s upset, he runs from the house and down the […]

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Tips To Reduce Stress On Divorced Parents And Their Kids

(NAPSI)-The fact that parents are divorced should not keep special occasions such as holidays and birthdays from being joyous events–if both parents commit to shared planning, scheduling and coordination. Divorced dad Paul Volker was navigating shared custody with his ex-wife when the stress of the situation inspired him to turn to the Internet for a […]

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Divorce – Will Your Children Survive?

Divorce can be extremely difficult and frankly traumatic for children. What you do and how you do it will determine how well your child deals with your divorce. has a great set of tips that any couple facing this situation should follow.  The article is presented below. Helping Kids Cope Divorce brings numerous […]

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School Drop-Out Rates Rise for Children of Divorce, Claims Study

Keith Geren, Canwest News Service April 10, 2009 Parents thinking about getting divorced, especially for the second or third time, should consider the impact of that decision on their children’s schooling, new research from University of Alberta suggests. The groundbreaking study — believed to the first in Canada to look at the long-term impacts of […]

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Anxiety Issues In Children and Dealing With Anxiety In Children

The effects of divorce on children may include high anxiety. Many divorcing parents neglect the significance of anxiety on their children as a result of their divorce. This article explores some of the causes for anxiety in children and treatments such as child therapy and medication. Reference is made to on-line journals.

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Twelve Tips on How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

Getting Divorced? First Step. Break the news to your children gently. Doing so can avoid the need for extensive divorce counselling. This article presents twelve tips for informing your children of your divorce. Integrate these tips to manage your child’s expected feelings. Learn how to counsel your child effectively. 

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