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Marriage, Divorce, Repeat, Marriage, Divorce, Repeat

Is there remarriage after divorce?  A second try can work if lessons are learned the first time around. In general, successful remarriages require that each spouse work on their own failings. This article provides reasons for its pessimistic view of divorce and remarriage, but tips for success are presented as well. 

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Tell the Kids About the Coming Divorce at a Family Meeting

When you can safely say that your marriage isn’t going to work, then consider home based divorce counseling for your children even before downloading the online divorce forms. How? Organize a family meeting to break the news. The article offers suggestions for making a “Divorce” Family Meeting work. 

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Divorced & Co-Parenting: Causing Connection or Conflict

There is another way of viewing joint child custody. If emotions get in the way, then for the sake of a child of divorce, both parents view their relationship in terms of a business, i.e. non-personal. The child is the product & both parents are in the business of “co-parenting”. This article discusses “co-parenting”. 

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Abandonment – A Divorce Issue

For high conflict divorces, we often find a family history of parent or child abandonment. Impact to the child of divorce can be devastating. Examples include overreaction to the death of a pet and depression over a friend moving away. This article explores abandonment as is pertains to divorce and child custody battles.

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The Hidden Effects Of Divorce On Children

The statistics on children of divorce are telling. Examples include lower grades, greater likelihood of psychological help, at risk of being a victim violent crime. They are more likely to commit suicide or drop out of high school. This article presents extensive findings on the hidden effects of divorce on children.

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Divorce and Child Custody: What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a divorce parenting document that outlines the schedule or timeshare that will include each parent’s responsibilities to raise their child. A parenting plan can be lengthy and detailed or it can be brief and simple. This article explains the contents and customs of divorce parenting plans. 

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