Computer Therapy Game Testimonials

Therapy Tool for Mental Health and other Professionals

This is a wonderful tool for parents and children as well as for therapists. Creative, imaginative and lots of fun! A must-have for families going through divorce!

Cloe Madanes, author of Strategic Family Therapy 


Playing is one of the magical ways with which we can create a new flow of energy. Chaya Charash has created a genial game, to give children of divorced families a chance to “play” the steps of their journey. The game gives the children an opening to release bound energy, by learning to language freely the many dimensions of their experience.

Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC, International Couples Specialist and Workshop Presenter


Not only was my son carrying a lot of baggage from the divorce, my recent remarriage and our moving to another town was very difficult for him. He didn’t want to talk to me-or to anyone else for that matter.
Zipland was invaluable-it helped him find a completely non-threatening place to understand and express himself. After a few weeks, he was very receptive to the idea of a therapist and there is no doubt that this program opened the door for him. Thank you so much.

Michelle (contact information available upon request)

We’ve already worked with several clients who’ve used the game with their children. When parents split, they often find themselves in challenging situations on how to communicate with their kids and Earthquake in Zipland provides them with a unique tool.

Lee Rosen
A board certified family law specialist and president of Rosen Law Firm.


You won’t believe the depth of knowledge brilliantly organized in such a simple, engaging manner. I was particularly impressed with the sophistication and sensitivity of the program. I know of no other program that has the sophistication, creativity, user-friendly technology as well as the ability to transform young lives.”

Dr. Patricia Love, Ed.D.
Well-known author, workshop leader and lecturer, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

By the end [of the game], the child is empowered, helped to understand the parents’ motivations and given hope for the future and his/her own ability to develop loving relationships despite personal experience.

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich
Reporter for The Jerusalem Post


Too often, stepchildren have a hard time with loyalty conflicts because they haven’t worked through feelings about their parents’ divorce. This amazing video game with its wacky dialog, adventure and intrigue, can help children work through intense emotions and heal while they play this thrilling game.

Elizabeth Einstein, MA/MFT
America’s leading stepfamily educator
Author of Strengthening Your Stepfamily

As veteran marital and family therapists for more than twenty years, we feel that Earthquake in Zipland is an ingenious way to help children deal with the pain of divorce. It will also be of tremendous help for counselors, teachers and therapists who work with children suffering from divorce and loss. It can aid them in showing children how to deal with the various situations that arise after a family breaks apart and allows them to learn the skills they need to deal with this type of hurt and pain. It will do all of this while the child is having fun doing something he or she loves. It is an inventive tool that is a ‘must have’ for children of divorce and the people who work with them.

Beverly and Tom Rodgers
Marital and Family Therapists, authors of Adult Children of Divorced Parents

As the divorce rate continues to rise so do the number of children whose childhood is profoundly affected by parental divorce. It is well known that these children often have trouble giving adequate vent to their thoughts and feelings and often are unable to do so with their parents who are also going through an emotionally trying period. This new game, Earthquake in Zipland, provides a unique opportunity for children to focus on the wide range of feelings associated with divorce such as anger, confusion, loyalty conflicts and self-image. The nature of this new computer game allows children to focus on their thoughts and emotions at a pace that is right for them and from a distance that feels safe for them.

Earthquake in Zipland can serve as an excellent tool for psychologically minded parents as well as for mental health professionals to guide these children down the difficult path of dealing with parental divorce. Used skillfully, this new game can help children become more comfortable with their situation while gaining a sense of mastery over what is often perceived by children as a situation totally beyond their control.

Daniel Gottlieb, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Associate Director
The Israeli Institute for Systemic Studies, Family and Personal Change

As an expert in child-parent interactions and child development, I found this game to be excellent in providing assistance during the very difficult process of divorce and even more so – during the years after. It allows both parents and their children to deal with the emotional effects of divorce on children which they might be uncomfortable dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It opens up opportunities for the kid coping with divorce to discuss and write about these issues in a way that suits children today. I believe this game offers lots of useful therapeutic tools for children and their parents.

Dr. Dorit Aram
Department of Human Development and Education
Constantiner School of Education
TelAviv University

Children are struggling with the pain and confusion of broken homes and the impact of the high divorce rate in theUnited States. They are dealing with often devastating effects of separation and divorce, one parent families, often the loss of both parents, isolation and loneliness. Schools are overwhelmed with having to deal with the many personal emotional problems children bring to school, and that interfere with learning.

An area that holds children’s attention, invites their natural curiosity and desire for excitement concerns interactive video games. The development of an intriguing video game that can help children recognize and heal painful emotions can be invaluable. Issues of loss, separation, divorce, loneliness, isolation that can be dealt with through an interactive video game that provides an intriguing format including the keeping of a therapeutic journal, can be of particular value.

There is the hope that this beautifully designed game can potentially be a superb therapeutic tool that can be used in or out of the office. It offers the possibility to invite confiding, emotional openness, awareness, communication and healing between children and parents, between children and each other and a vocabulary and recognition for children even within themselves about feelings they have not had the ability to identify and have denied.

The PAIRS Foundation is pleased to make this unique interactive video game available to our wide network of therapists and families. It is our hope that this will be an instrument of help for families and children, to be more stable, more open and healing for each other. This is in keeping with the PAIRS mission – of creating a more peaceful, loving and stable world.

Lori H.Gordon, Ph.D
PAIRS Foundation, Inc.