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Be the Best Single Parent You Can

Parenting after divorce, as a single mom will have a better chance of working if you take a positive outlook. This article offers advice on parenting to counter the negative effects of divorce, including time management, home stability, setting limits,  and being realistic. Recommended reading for those considering a divorce parenting class.

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Ten Ways To Help Children Through Divorce

Parents wonder how they can help their children cope with divorce. Though there are no black or white answers, there are certain approaches parents are recommended to take in order to make this transition as easy on the children of divorce as possible. This article presents ten tips for helping children cope with divorce.

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Nourish your Child with the Gift of Listening

The best therapy that a divorced parent can give a child of divorce is simply listening. Parent child interactive therapy is all about listening, communicating, giving & taking. This article makes the case for nourishing a child through listening. Children exhibit poor behavior when they are not being given attention. 

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How to Handle the Effects of Divorce on Children

One effect of divorce is that children will often take the blame upon themselves. A subsequent effect is when a spouse enters into another relationship – an unsettling event if handled incorrectly. This article discusses how to handle these and other effects of divorce on your children, including changes in behavior.

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Study Shows Ritalin Use Doubles in Children of Divorce: But the Question Remains ‘Why?’

Should Ritalin be prescribed as part of a child therapy program for children of divorce? So it would seem from a study reported in the Canadian Medical Association journal, where 6% of children of divorce were prescribed Ritalin, in comparison with a 3% norm. This article explores this controversial issue. 

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How To Make Divorce Easier On Your Children

 Children of Divorce hide their true feelings when their parents divorce. The effects of divorce on children, then, often remain hidden, thereby presenting a number of problems. This article explores this matter, offering recommendations for handling emotional effects of divorce & breaking the news of divorce to children.

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Top 10 Divorce Myths

Many myths about divorce and separation have made the rounds. Should a couple consider a legal marriage separation or divorce completely? What are some of the beliefs that point to separation vs divorce? What are the beliefs about life after a divorce? This article presents 10 common myths about separation or divorce. 

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How to Make a Difference for a Child of Divorce Even as a Bystander

While many children suffering from parental divorce find themselves enrolled in a divorce therapy for children program, there is more that can be done  for them other than therapy games. This article offers ten ideas for helping children of divorce, including listening & reading with them. Even going for an ice cream. 

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Don’t Divorce Your Children

Child and youth counselors emphasize that children need lasting relationships with both parents. So children cannot be forgotten in the divorce process. Divorce counseling is the norm. This article focuses on the needs of the child of divorce, including counseling, education, medical, religious and moral issues.

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Divorce: Lose the Anger, Live Your Life!

Child custody battles and winning child custody, ultimately lead to resentment and anger between the ex-spouses. Typically, when having gone through such an ordeal, this anger will fester for some time thereafter. This article discusses the benefits (to you and your children) of ridding oneself of this anger. 

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