Child Custody Battles – How to Prepare for a Child Custody Battle

Are you involved in a child custody battle?

Child custody battles for moms and dads are often times the most financially and emotionally draining part of the divorce process. Further, a child custody battle that involves litigation or a child custody evaluation can have a negative impact with lifelong consequences for the children. Parents who are able to work out a parenting plan for their children post-divorce without involving the family court, family law attorneys, judges, and child custody evaluators will often (1) have more control when it comes to decisions regarding the future of their children, (2) be more likely to have an amicable relationship going forward and come to agreements regarding their children in the future, (3) shield their children from family law officials and mental health professionals that may make the children feel as though they need to choose between the parents, and (4) save thousands in attorney fees and court related costs.

Not all child custody disputes need to end up in a child custody evaluation or in court with a judge making the decision about where the children will live after the divorce is finalized. Protracted child custody battles are often avoided when divorcing parents are able to set aside any negative feelings they have towards each other and focus on what’s in the best interest of their children. Also, once the family court is involved, the levels of trust between parents often decline making settlements much more difficult and in some cases impossible without help from an outside source. If parents are not able to workout their parenting and custody disagreements between each other, alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation should be sought first before involving attorneys and the court. In fact, many counties require parents to attend mediation before a child custody hearing can take place in front of a judge.

While child custody battles for fathers and mothers are often the most challenging part of a divorce, better long-term outcomes for the family and children are typically achieved when parents are able to work out their child custody issues out-of-court. Remember, “divorce involving children can draw out emotions, but emotions do not need to involve the children and draw out the divorce.

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