For Parenting After Divorce

Zipland is a Divorce Parenting Tool

Not only was my son carrying a lot of baggage from the divorce, my recent remarriage and our moving to another town was very difficult for him. He didn’t want to talk to me-or to anyone else for that matter.
Zipland was invaluable-it helped him find a completely non-threatening place to understand and express himself. After a few weeks, he was very receptive to the idea of a therapist and there is no doubt that this program opened the door for him. Thank you so much.

– Michelle (contact information available upon request)


“Earthquake in Zipland” is a divorce parenting tool that enables divorced or separated parents:

Divorce Parenting Tool– To communicate painful issues relating to children and divorce vicariously through the eyes of Zipland’s main character.

– To broaden their knowledge and understanding of the psychological effects of divorce on children and the impact of separation on their child.

– To play alongside their child so as to nonverbally address personal family issues by way of a non-threatening medium.

“Earthquake in Zipland” enables children of divorce:

Fun and Therapeutic Computer Game– To identify with game scenarios that will reflect the emotional situations they are currently experiencing.

– To separate themselves from their personal experiences and recognize feelings that they naturally overlook, such as anger, helplessness, blame, shame, loneliness and other emotional effects of divorce on children.

– To cope with their parents’ separation and get over their fantasy of reuniting them.

– To release painful, repressed feelings through writing in a Zipland interactive journal.

– To discover that computer games can be both fun and therapeutic.

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Earthquake in Zipland serves as a therapeutic, divorce parenting tool for children of divorce. Make it part of your parenting plan after divorce.