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Parental Divorce As Seen Through a Child’s Eye

A child’s world might feel torn apart when his or her parents divorce. The effects of divorce on these children can be devastating. Confusion, self-blame, and loneliness can often set in immediately. This article presents divorce from the point of view of the child. Divorce is not merely a legal separation of two parents. 

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How to Handle the Effects of Divorce on Children

One effect of divorce is that children will often take the blame upon themselves. A subsequent effect is when a spouse enters into another relationship – an unsettling event if handled incorrectly. This article discusses how to handle these and other effects of divorce on your children, including changes in behavior.

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How To Make Divorce Easier On Your Children

 Children of Divorce hide their true feelings when their parents divorce. The effects of divorce on children, then, often remain hidden, thereby presenting a number of problems. This article explores this matter, offering recommendations for handling emotional effects of divorce & breaking the news of divorce to children.

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Divorce: Lose the Anger, Live Your Life!

Child custody battles and winning child custody, ultimately lead to resentment and anger between the ex-spouses. Typically, when having gone through such an ordeal, this anger will fester for some time thereafter. This article discusses the benefits (to you and your children) of ridding oneself of this anger. 

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7 Steps to Survive a Break-up or Divorce

Getting Divorced can be draining. You need to be sure to take care of yourself in the process. And the sooner the better so you can move forward.. This article outlines the basic steps for keeping your sanity during a divorce, including acceptance, grieving, focusing, forgiving and moving on. Prepare to be inspired!

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Parents’ Unexpected Divorce Can Destabilize New College Student’s Life

Children of divorced parents may feel the effects of divorce at every age. Many divorcing parents have the false impression that children in college are immune to the effects of divorce. This article states that parental divorce can destabilize the lives of their college children as well. Later-in-life divorce is unexpected. 

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Two Homes for the Holidays

Holidays are suppose to be a time of happiness, not divorce. But the reality is that no child can be at two Christmas trees at the same time when their parents have separated or divorced. This article lists common feelings children will have at these times, and offers advice for helping them through the holiday. 

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Divorced & Co-Parenting: Causing Connection or Conflict

There is another way of viewing joint child custody. If emotions get in the way, then for the sake of a child of divorce, both parents view their relationship in terms of a business, i.e. non-personal. The child is the product & both parents are in the business of “co-parenting”. This article discusses “co-parenting”. 

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When the Kids Don’t Want You to Go Out

Children often fear parent abandonment even during the best of marriages. All the more so during a divorce proceeding. Often reassuring is sufficient, but child therapy may be necessary. This article lightly explores this issue, offering practical advice such as speaking to the child in a manner they would understand.

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The Hidden Effects Of Divorce On Children

The statistics on children of divorce are telling. Examples include lower grades, greater likelihood of psychological help, at risk of being a victim violent crime. They are more likely to commit suicide or drop out of high school. This article presents extensive findings on the hidden effects of divorce on children.

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